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USB Password Managers Review

Why Buy a USB Password Manager?

These days coming up with a secure password is like putting together a 1000 piece puzzle each time you want access to a website. The brain is an amazing muscle, but nothing should have to remember a different 8 to 10 word with characters and numbers for countless websites. What? You use the same password for every site? Good thing you’re reading this review. Not only is it extremely unwise to use the same password for multiple sites, but it is recommended to have something different for each website that requires a login – especially if that website can gain access to credit card numbers or other personal information. Realistically speaking, it is impossible to remember a different login for every website you visit. That’s where a USB password manager comes in. A USB password manager is basically a USB flash drive with password manager software pre-installed. With a portable password manager, you can stick your flash drive into any computer you use and have access to all your passwords.

All USB password managers are not created equal, however, and we’ve broken down the desirable elements for each product. We’ve also written articles on USB password managers to help you decide which portable device is right for you.

USB Password Managers: What to Look For

Having a secure password is nothing to scoff at. If you want your personal information kept safe, a multi-faceted password is essential. Gone are the days where “password” is a sufficient password. Our favorite portable password managers, MyLOK, Victorinox Slim and SplashID Key Safe, are the best you’ll find on the market. They have been rated based on three distinct categories: Security, Features and Help & Support.

Security is the main reason for using a USB password manager, so it only makes sense that we weighted this category higher than the rest. Most portable password managers store online passwords, but the best can also automatically log you into desktop applications as well. We found the USB password managers that allowed you to choose to password protect your drive to be the most secure.

Password manager software is pre-installed on the USB drive and we liked the products that had plug-and-play usability – no installation on your computer required. For added protection, you’ll want a USB password manager that can back up and restore IDs and passwords in case of data loss.

Because the USB password managers in our top 10 can double as a regular flash drive, storage capacity is important – 4GB is the norm. We also liked the products that could be partitioned into separate profiles to password protect specific documents while leaving others unprotected. If you want your passwords to be extra secure, look for a USB password manager that comes with a random password generator. This additional feature will create unbreakable passwords for all of your most secure logins. Being able to export your passwords into a printable document is another fantastic feature.

Help & Support
A USB password manager is both a software package and a physical USB drive. Both elements usually require technical support when used separately, so it is a must to have good help and support for the combination. We really like the live online support option many of the top products offer, not only for its convenience, but for the ability to get our questions answered right away. FAQs, a knowledgebase and direct contact information are also desirable options.

Stop trying to remember every single password you have floating around in the webiverse and start securely storing them with a USB password manager. Your brain will thank you for the extra space and you’ll never have to decode your password hint ever again.

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