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PROS / You can generate secure passwords with MyLOK’s password manager software.

CONS / The warranty is only for one year.

VERDICT / This USB password manager has all of the security settings and features we’d want in a product securing our most important passwords.

“Protect yourself. Secure your Passwords. End your Frustration.” This slogan attached to the MyLOK USB password manager, our favorite of the bunch, exemplifies what MyLOK can do for you. Created by ii2P, an IT support and service desk optimization company, the MyLOK is a portable password manager that will help you generate unbreakable passwords and secure them from prying eyes. It is the kind of product that has features above and beyond what you’d expect. The MyLOK’s user-friendly interface and plethora of security features has earned it the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.

  1. The amount of memory the USB Password Manager can hold.
    More is better
  2. 1 MyLOK
    4 Gigabytes
  3. 16 Gigabytes
  4. 4 Gigabytes
  5. Category Average
    5.60 Gigabytes


When searching for the ideal method of protecting your passwords, a USB password manager with unbeatable security features will always trump its competition. The MyLOK is that USB password manager, the one that has security features coming out of its eyeballs. For one, the MyLOK is one of the only secure flash drives we reviewed that doesn’t replicate keystrokes to auto-fill login information. By eliminating keystrokes, the password manager protects the user from keylogging spy software. We really like this feature since it makes automatically logging into your online and desktop applications fast and secure. Once you’ve added all of your password information into the USB password manager’s database, the software will auto-populate your passwords into the appropriate fields.

If you’d like to save your passwords in a physical format, the MyLOK USB password manager allows you to export them to a CSV or PDF file. Some users use this function to print out a copy of their passwords to keep in a safe deposit box or somewhere in their office for safe keeping. No software installation is required to run the MyLOK Personal on your computer, and it is completely untraceable when you leave a computer. It is the perfect portable solution to always remembering your secure passwords. If you happen to lose stored data on the drive, the MyLOK can restore content and back it up to make sure you don’t lose it again.


Besides being able to hold all of your login information, the MyLOK USB password manager has a whopping 4GB of storage space for all of your additional data. Part of the reason for the extra space is the portable drive’s ability to divide into profiles to categorize content. The drive can manage your browser bookmarks and syncs with other applications like Outlook.

One of our favorite features is the MyLOK’s random password generator. Once you’ve set up your initial credentials for a specific site, like Gmail, you can go to the application’s settings to generate a password according to your preferences. You can choose the length and types of characters used. You can’t see the password that is generated on this screen, but you can in your MyLOK manager reports.

Help & Support

MyLOK’s help and support options are unmatched by its competition. Most of the other USB password managers in our lineup barely have a user manual. MyLOK has a FAQs section with answers and links to the most popular inquiries as well as an intense knowledgebase of answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. They break down initial installation, password generation and more common actions into simple, easy-to-understand steps. If the generous support documentation still doesn’t answer your questions, you can contact MyLOK via email, phone or through their live chat feature. The portable password manager also comes with a one-year warranty.


It’s not every day you find a product that encompasses everything you want and need. We believe the MyLOK Personal fills those large shoes in the USB password manager world. With this portable password manager, you are free to travel around the world without the burden of a computer. All you need is your USB password managers and you’ll have access to all of your password-protected websites. The MyLOK doesn’t require software installation, so you can tote it around and use it with any computer the same way you would at home. The portable password manager can export your passwords, back them up and randomly create stronger passwords for your most sensitive logins. The MyLOK is the best USB password manager on the market. And, to reiterate the MyLOK slogan, with this drive you can: “Protect yourself. Secure your Passwords. End your Frustration.”